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Now supports direct inverse Fourier reconstructions


Computed Tomography is the technique of estimating the interior of objects from the measurements of radiation projected through the object. That radiation can be transmitted through the object such as in X-ray computed tomography or emitted from internal radiation sources as in nuclear medicine scans.
Computed Tomography is an extremely imporant imaging technique in modern medicine. It provides a 3-dimensional view inside the body useful for diagnosing illness such as stroke, internal bleeding, bone fractures, and gastrointestinal problems like diverticulitis and appendicitis.
CTSim simulates the process of transmitting X-rays through phantom objects. These X-ray data are called projections. CTSim reconstructs the original phantom image from the projections using a variety of algorithms. Additionally, CTSim has a wide array of image analysis and image processing functions.
CTSim is Copyright © 1983-2014 by Kevin M. Rosenberg, M.D. and is open-source software under the GNU Public License.
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