Mail Lists


  • Gabor's 1980 book, Image Reconstruction from Projections, was the source of inspiration and techniques for the initial version of CTSim in 1983. More recently, Gabor has helped with questions on frequency-space interpolation and direct fourier transformations. Gabor has kindly granted permission for use of his copyrighted phantom definition for use in CTSim.

  • Ian Kay, Ph.D.
    Ian has helped with code review, bug fixes, new code submissions and ideas. He has also contributed to documentation. Details of Ian's contributions are in the ChangeLog. He is currently working with dynamic phantoms -- phantoms whose definitions vary over the course of a single scan.

  • Conway Yee, M.D., Sc.D.
    Conway has helped with comments on the initial conversion of CTSim from MS-DOS versions to Linux versions. His comments on image file formats and required numeric resolution have been helpful. Conway has written the open-source CT simulator CompTomo.

  • Adam Warner
    Adam kindly purchased the Kak & Slaney book for me to assist my development.

  • Edgar Garduno Angeles, M.S., Ph.C.
    Edgar assisted with understanding FFT symmetry in the direct Fourier reconstruction method.
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