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Mar 21, 2018  Version 6.0.2
	* Add more OpenMP parallelism
	* Improve testing script comparing results between OpenMP and non-OpenMP builds
	* Fix all remaining compiler warnings

Mar 20, 2018  Version 6.0.0
	* Migrate to wxgtk3.0
	* Add OpenMP parallelism and use by default

Dec 21, 2012  Version 5.2.1
	* tools/phm2helix.cpp: Fix spelling mistake

Nov  7, 2010  Version 5.2.0
	* tools/ifexport.cpp: Add Text output option (thanks to
	Christian Thibaudeau)

Aug 22, 2009  Version 5.1.3
	* src/ctsim.cpp
	- Improve numbering of unnamed documents. Reduce cut-and-paste code.
	* configure.ac
	- Use new AC_INIT form to include package information, email, url

Aug 21, 2009  Version 5.1.2
	* Conditionalize debugging output

Aug 20, 2009  Version 5.1.1
	* Use new wxFont constructor. Adjust font sizes.

Aug 12, 2009  Version 5.1.0
	* All known wxwidgets 2.8 compatibility issues have been fixed

Aug 6, 2009  Version 5.0.6
	* Use wxWidgets command-line processing rather than existing
	native processing.
	* ezset.cpp: Initialize scale settings in constructor
	* Improve titles of frames
	* configure.ac: Use wx-config to determine name of wxGL library
	* src/graph3dview.cpp: wx2.8 compatibility changes to eliminate
	segv crash when creating 3D objects

Aug 3, 2009  Version 5.0.5
	* Fix plots when maximum plot value is the same as minimum

Aug 3, 2009  Version 5.0.5
	* More wx2.8 compatibility fixes.
	* Fix initial size of Log TextCtrl at start-up.
	* Fix display of values in Log window by cleaning up string

Aug 2, 2009  Version 5.0.4
	* More wx2.8 compatibility fixes. Ensure that a resize of a window
	causes a full repaint for phantom, plot, and graph3d canvases.

Aug 1, 2009  Version 5.0.1
	* missing: Update to latest automake version
	* configure: make compatible with wxMac
	* update few source files for non-unicode wxWidgets 2.8 compatibility

Aug 1, 2009  Version 5.0.0
	* Major revision of wxWidgets code to port from wx2.4 to wx2.8
	Currently, code compiles without warnings, but there are
	GUI visual problems at the momemt running with wx2.8

Sep 17, 2007  Version 4.5.5
	* better cleaning in makefiles
	* use "const char" variables for string literals

Sep 10, 2007  Version 4.5.4
	* configure.ac: Fix builds with multiple versions of wx-config
	-- thanks to Steve White

Apr 1, 2007  Version 4.5.3
	* include/timer.h: Fix building on GCC 4.3
	-- thanks to Martin Michlmayr

Oct 19, 2006  Version 4.5.2
	* src/lipctsim/imagefile.cpp: Change delete to fftw_free
	-- thanks to Sven Huth

Oct 18, 2006  Version 4.5.1
	* configure: rebuild from configure.ac

Oct 15, 2006  Version 4.5.0
	* libctsim/backprojectors.cpp: Fix for iteration bug in backprojection
	and simply computing rotScale -- thanks to Dan Martin.

Mar 16, 2006  Version 4.4.4
	* Changes for g++ 4.1 support

Aug 22, 2005  Version 4.4.2
 	* New URL for downloading CTSim

Aug 22, 2005  Version 4.4.1
        * work-around for compilation problems on Fedora 4 and wxWin 2.4.2

Aug 22, 2005  Version 4.4.0
        * Changes in configure.ac for X.org compatibility with Debian Etch
	and FC4. May not be backward compatibility with XFree86.

Aug 10, 2004  Version 4.3.2, Version 4.3.3
	* Minor changes in man pages to fix groff warnings

Nov 1, 2003  Version 4.3.1
	* Add support for SuSE AMD64

Oct 5, 2003  Version 4.3.0
	* Ported to incompatible FFTW3 library. CTSim will no longer compile or
	run with FFTW2.
	* Save FFTW3 in $HOME/.fftw3-wisdom on platforms where getenv function
	is available

Oct 3, 2003  Version 4.2.7
	* Add support for building on RedHat AMD64

Sep 30, 2003  Version 4.2.7
	* Fix minor issue with floating point difference backprojection, add

	* Fix building with newest versions of automake 1.7

	* Add support for 8-byte longs [for example, Athlon64] in
	integer difference backprojection allowing for 64-bit integer

Mar 22, 2003  Version 4.2.3

	* Added Fourier reconstruction method

	* Support gcc 3.2, wxWindows 2.4, and MacOS X

	* Fix polar interpolation

Jun 26, 2002  Version 3.5.6

	* Fix minor color PNG image importing bug

	* Bug fix for building on Debian alpha platform

	* Fix g++ compilation warnings

Jun 13, 2002  Version 3.5.5

	* Fix printing of version number

	* Minor bug fixes

	* Updated Win32 compatibility

Jun 8, 2002  Version 3.5.4

	* Print version number in log window with About command

	* Fix problem with captions not showing on some windows. Reworked
	creation of new windows.

	* Disabled status bar on 3d views

	* Fix bug in configure.ac that prevented using compiler

	* Updated About splash screen

May 29, 2002  Version 3.5.3
	* Added support for g++ 3.04 compiler

May 8, 2002  Version 3.5.2
	* configure: improved CTN (DICOM) installation search
	* src/ctsim.cpp: Fixed initial image size with import command

May 5, 2002  Version 3.5.1

	New Features:

	* ctsim: Added tips to be displayed at startup and via the help menu.
	* ctsim: Added center-detector concept. Allow for detector array
	to be any arbitrary distance from center of scanner. As a result,
	projection files are not incompatible with previous version of
	* ctsim: Added threaded tasks and background manager for
	background processing as well as taking advantage of multiple-CPU's
	on SMP systems.  (Microsoft Windows only)
	* ctsim: Added plot t-theta sampling to projection file menu.
	* ctsim: Added Reconstruction with Rebinning for faster
	divergent beam reconstructions.
	* ctsim: Added import and export of DICOM image files.
	* ctsim: Added PPM, PGM, and PNG file import to imagefile.
	* ctsim: Added FFT/IFFT of columns of image files.
	* ctsim: Added clipboard cut/copy/paste for image files.
	* ctsim: Added region of interest to reconstructions.
	* ctsim: Added Convert Rectangular Image to Projection files
	* ctsim: Added "Verbose Logging", "Startup Tips", and
	"Background processes" options 	to Preferences dialog.
	* ctsim: Added plotting of projection file histograms.
	* plotfile: Added scattergram plot functions
	* ctsim: Added accelerator key for File-Properties
	* ctsim: Improved wireframe 3-d display to remove hidden
	* backprojectors.cpp: Added setting of axis extent and increment
	to reconstructions.
	* projections.cpp: Can read and reconstruct SIEMENS AR.STAR DICOM
	projection data files.

	Bug Fixes:

	* views.cpp: reduced calls to progress bar update, significant speedup
	* views.cpp,ctsim.cpp: Fixed bug with window frames sometimes
	not being displayed on Unix platforms.
	* views.cpp: Added out-of-memory checks to display for huge
	image and projection files.
	* filter.cpp: Fixed Hanning parameter to be 0.5 rather than 0.54
	* imagefile.cpp: Fixed scaling factor in fftRows
	* imagefile.cpp: Fixed bug when performing magnitude() on real-valued
	* sgp.cpp: Fixed bug in drawCircle.
	* distribution: fixed problem with documentation files not
	being included with the distribution (Reported by Ian Kay).
	* sgp.cpp/ezplot.cpp: Improved plotting with markers.
	* fixed ctsimtext shell when giving no parameters to function-name
	* phm2if, phm2pj: Updated help messages for renamed phantoms

3.0.3 - Released 2/20/01

	* ctsim: Fixed core dump on Linux with OpenGL

	* ctsim: Fixed context-sensitive help on Linux

	* ctsim: Fixed About box on Linux

3.0.2 - Released 2/20/01

	* scanner.cpp: Fixed bug when number of detectors was even.

	* ctsim: Improved error handling when trying to convert
	divergent projections into polar form.

3.0.1 - Released 2/19/01

	* ctsim: Fixed dialog box for reconstruction so that
	rotation angle setting will stay fixed in-between use
	of the dialog box.

	* syserror: Fixed display bug for trace messages

	* ctsim: MSVC optimization bug work-around, compiler
	options changed.

3.0.0 - Released 2/19/01

	* ctsim: Massive update/fix to online help and print manual.

	* ctsim: Added context-sensitive help to dialog boxes

	* ctsim: Reformated all dialog boxes, much nicer now.

	* ctsim: Improved accelerator key handling

	* global: Added Hanning filter.

	* global: Improved default parameters to that all defaults give
	sensible output.

3.0.0beta1 - Released 2/11/01

	* ctsim: Added most-recently-used files to File menu with
	registry storage between executions.

	* ctsim: Hides arcane features unless enabled by Preferences dialog

	* ctsim: Added MDI interface for Windows version and made it default for Windows.

	* ctsim: Added 3-D wireframe view of images (uses OpenGL)

	* ctsim: Added graphical About box

	* ctsim: Escape key now removes cursor lines from image file view

	* ctsim: Added Revert to ImageFile menu

	* ctsim: Added accelerator (hotkeys) to frames

	* ctsim: Online help added!

	* backprojector: Added cubic interpolation

	* ctsim: Added icons to Frames on X-Window and MS Windows versions

	* ctsim: Fixed tick-label placement for plots on projection and
	reconstruction dialogs.

	* timer.h: Add use of _ftime when compiling on MSVC

	* global: Projection files are not compatible with previous version
	due to new scanner definitions.

	* global: deleted concept of field-of-view and added
	  view ratio and scan ratio concepts.

	* ctsim: Fixed crash on shutdown bug

	* pjinfo: Fixed bug when doing --dump and not specifing --endview

	* phm2pj: Fixed MPI bug with broadcasting of variables

	* ctsimtext-lam: Changes for first version to compile under lam

3.0.0alpha5 - Released 1/12/00

	* ctsim: Added EZPlotDialog, used by debugging plots in

	* ctsimtext: Fixed bugs for MSVC and with empty input lines. Fixed
	bug in parsing command-line parameters.

	* views.cpp: Fixed bug in copying of labels from images to

	* syserror.cpp: fixed reporting for fatal errors

	* projections.cpp: fixed MSVC failure with std:: namespace

	* procsignal.cpp: fixed bug in equiangular reconstructions
	for frequency/inverse-fourier filtering

3.0.0alpha4 - Released 1/09/01

	* ctsim: Added reset to full-intensity scale menu item

	* ctsim: Add conversion of projections to polar plot [Thanks to
	Ian Kay for reference and math hints in polar bilinear scaling]

	* ctsim: improve bilinear scaling of image size [Thanks to Ian Kay
	for math tips]

	* ctsim: imagefile labels are now copied to plotfiles

	* ctsim: Added more analyze menuitems

	* ctsimtext: First version. All command-line tools are now accessed
	through this master shell. Has both command-line and interactive

	* ctsim: Fixed initialization of min/max bug for PlotFiles

	* ezplot: Cleaned up y-tick label placement

	* sgp: Added better support for projection/reconstruction animation

3.0.0alpha3 - Released 1/02/01

	* ctsim: Added plotting of histograms

	* imagefile.cpp: fixed bug in generation of 16-bit PNG images

	* ezplot.cpp: adjusted xtick label displays for better placement

3.0alpha2 - Released 1/02/01

 	* ctsim: All functions of command-line tools are now in graphical ctsim

	* ctsim: added generation of filter images

	* ctsim: Added 2-image math functions (mul, add, div, sub)

	* ctsim: Added export of imagefiles to graphic file formats

	* ctsim: Added support for scaling imagefiles in new sizes

	* ctsim: Added ability to save standard phantom definitions as
	text files suitable for reading.

	* ctsim: Add labels for image transformations and display of labels
	when performing properties of images.

	* processsignal.cpp: Fixed "off by one" bug in
	shuffleNaturalToFourierOrder when n is even. Moved functions to

	* imagefile.cpp: Added FFTW library to imagefile processing. Converted
	image math functions to complex-valued math.

	* phantom.cpp: Added ability to save phantom files as ASCII text.

3.0alpha1 - Released 12/29/00

	* Added PlotFile class to system, used by if2 and ctsim for row
	and column plots and comparison plots

	* ctsim: Added image comparison statistics and image subtraction

	* ctsim: Added plotting of rows & columns with y-axis scaling

	* ctsim: Added row and column plot comparisons between two image

	* ctsim: Added "Process" menu to image file display with math
	functions. Added 2-dimensional inverse Fourier to math
	functions. Added support for complex (real/imaginary) images.

	* mathfuncs.cpp: Reworked statistics algorithm to share between
	imagefile and plotfile classes.

	* imagefile.cpp: Fixed scaling bug when rasterizing Phantom with
	nsamples > 2.  Added generic mage math functions, moved from
	if1.cpp and if2.cpp to imagefile.cpp. Added support complex

	* array2dfile.cpp: Added code to support complex (real/imaginary)

	* if1: Updated to handle error conditions, such as sqrt of a
	negative number. Converted to use new ImageFile math functions.

	* if2: Updated to output plot files and use new ImageFile class
	math functions

	* if1: Updated to use new ImageFile class math functions

	* ezplot: Reworked to better store colors/linestyles/symbols with
	individual curves. Improved display of labels and ticks. Updated
	to use POL class member variable. Updated to more C++ conventions.

	* pol: converted to C++ class. Extracted HashTable to separate

	* sgp: Added linestyle settings

2.5.0 - 12/18/00
   First Microsoft Windows GUI version
   Modifications for Microsoft Visual C++ compilation.
   Improved pjinfo to output binary headers and view data, useful
	when manually compiling phantoms that vary during projection
	process. Thanks to Ian Kay for idea and code submission.
   Improved sorting to find median in ImageFile::statistics
   Fixed core-dump bug in Array2dFile::labelsCopy() function (Ian Kay)
   Changed reconstruction dialog to fix onto smaller screens
   Fixed display of plotting in Projection views
   Improved animation displays for Projections and Reconstructions
   Changed code to explicitly use std:: namespace rather than
	"namespace using std" statements
   Fixed reconstruction scaling bug introduced in 2.0.6
   Renamed if2img to ifexport, if-1 to if1, if-2 to if2

2.0.6 - 12/03/00
   Fixed minor compilation problem with procsignal.h
   Updated README file
   Fixed bug when simulating projections and Trace == CONSOLE
   Fixed scaling bug when performing redundant rotations around object

2.0.5 - 12/01/00
   Improved compilation on RedHat 7
   Changed some of ANSI C header files to C++ header files
   Removed README.RedHat7

2.0.4 - 11/25/00
   Added documentation for --geometry setting
   Added README.RedHat7 document

2.0.3 - 11/20/00
   Fixed bug in generation of binary PGM files
   Fixed MPI compilation bug in phm2pj.cpp
   Inverted y-axis output for pj2if (bug alert from Ian Kay)

2.0.2 - 11/8/00
   Additions to man pages (Ian Kay)
   Fix problem with reading of ASCII phantom files (Ian Kay)

2.0.1 - 10/1/00
   Fixed syntax error in fftw configuration
   Slight modifications to support gcc v2.9.6

2.0.0 - 9/7/00
   Version 2.0.0 released!
   ctsim: Added Window menu to Main frame
   ctsim: Disabled not support reconstruction method
   Fixed obscure bug in sys_error
   Fixed compilation in mingw environment not present
   Fixed compilation in non-graphical environments

2.0.0-b12 - 9/4/00
   ctsim: Added animation of reconstruction
   ctsim: Added saving of dialog parameters for Projection & Reconstruction
   ctsim: Added progress dialog for rasterization of phantom
   ctsim: used setpriority to set lower priority
   ctsim: fixed pReconstruct not being deleted causing scaling problem
   ctsim: fixed projection animation dialog buttons

2.0.0-b11 - 9/1/00
   ctsim: Added projection graph to animation of projection collection
   ctsim: Added single stepping to projection collection animation
   ctsim: improved File/Properties display for projection files
   ctsim: Added progress dialog for reconstructions
   ctsim: Added file labels for projection and reconstruction images
   ctsim: Made File/Properties bring up modal dialogs
   Added reconstruction for Equilinear and Equiangular geometries
   Changed theta to be -PI/2 to make compliant with Kak-Slaney formulas
   Separated reconstruction into Reconstructor class
   Fixed center of detector adjustment for even number of detectors
   Added --enable-static to generate statically linked programs

2.0.0-b10 - 8/25/00
   ctsim: Added animation of projection collection processs
   ctsim: Added Auto Scaling for image windows
   ctsim: Change menus from "windowing" to "display scaling"
   Added FieldOfView and FocalLength ratio parameters to projection collection
   Added FocalLength & FieldOfView fields to projection data files
   Added Projection collection for Equilinear and Equiangular geometries
   Changed name of Rowland Phantom to correct name of Shepp-Logan
   Fixed bug in backprojection selection

2.0.0-b9 - 8/22/00
   Added RCS Id strings to executable files
   Added RPM Spec file for RPM package creation
   Added loading of ASCII phanthom definitions from files
   Fixed compilation for non-SGP architectures
   Decomposed SignalFilter class into ProcessSignal and SignalFilter classes
   Added Filter-Generation option to reconstruction to allow direct or
	inverse_fourier construction of filters
   Added median to statistics and to auto-windowing

2.0.0-b8 - 8/1/00
   Added line color support to SGP
   Fixed lineAbs bug

2.0.0-b7 - 7/25/00
   Finished support for dmallocxx library
   Fixed bug in SignalFilter::convertFilterMethodNameToID()
   Rewrote SGP & EZPlot to use C++ object-oriented. SGP can now write to
	G2 windows and well as WXWindows.
   ctsim program: "Create Phantom" now shows phantom object
   Fixed row-plot bug in if-2
   Reworked EZPlot's multiple plot operation

2.0.0-b6 - 7/22/00
   ctsim program: improved initial size and scroll area for image
	and projection files
   ctsim program: added rasterization parameters, projections parameters,
	and reconstruction parameters dialogs
   Moved char[] static definition from header files to c++ files
   Completely reorganized option processing in classes to improve
	expandability and to assist ctsim graphical user interface.

2.0.0-b5 - 7/17/00
   ctsim program: Added dialog to set minimum/maximum display levels
   Started ctsim.tex document file

2.0.0-b4 - 7/13/00
   Fixed compiler warnings at -Wall level
   Began work on CTSim program to be graphical front-end of all functions
   Moved current src/*.cpp to tools/*.cpp
   Made CTSim graphical front-end's home to be src/

2.0.0-b3 - 7/10/00
   Added highly optimized backprojection method idiff3
   Moved comparative stats to if-2 program from ifinfo
   Fixed image display in if2img using G2 library
   Added column-plot and row-plot options to if-2
   Added autoselection of analytic/calculated spatial responses to SignalFilter
   Added frequency-based preinterpolation to SignalFilter and idiff3
	backprojection method. Currently, this technique is still under
	development and debugging
   Moved graphic file writing to ImageFile class from if2img program

2.0.0-b2 - 7/07/00
   Cleaned up SignalFilter class
   Added zeropad option to pjrec
   Added zeropad options to html and cgi files
   Added fourier_table and rfttw filter methods
   Added FFTW routines to use real/half-complex transformations

2.0.0-b1 - 7/05/00
   Updated trace level processing
   Added trace level to SignalFilter
   Fixed magnitude vs. real output bug in FFT/Fourier filter

1.9.9 - 7/04/00
   Fixed const issue with ImageFileArray
   Fixed Array2dFile::labelsCopy()
   Added copy constructor and assignment for Array2dFileLabel class
   Added Timer to if-2.cpp and ifinfo.cpp
   Added beginning of frequency-based (DFT & FFT) filter to SignalFilter
   Added option processing for filter-method for pjrec to choose
	between convolution, dft, & fft filtering
   Fixed format string for EZPlot so axis labels now print
   Added support for FFTW library

1.9.8 - 6/27/2000
   Rewrote Array2dFile class to be non-templated
   Rewrote Array2dFile class to make reads and writes atomic. No disk files are kept open.
   Rewrote Array2dFileLabel class to make members private, added access routines
   Removed timedate.cpp in favor of standard C library time/date functions
   Renamed ctrec to pjrec, sample-ctrec.sh to sample-ctsim
   Added signature tag and creation date/time to projection files

1.9.7 - 6/25/2000
   Standardized string option processing by classes. All classes use character strings
	to select options rather than numeric constants. Added fail() and failMessage()
	methods to verify that objects are created correctly by character strings.
   Hid C++ assignment and copy constructors in classes that should not have assignment/copy
   Rewrote ImageFile class
   Started support for dmallocxx library, not finished
   Added G.T. Herman image comparision statistics to ifinfo (see imagefile.cpp)
   Updated ifinfo to show comparative statistics
   Added printLabels() to Array2dFile class
   Added printStatistics() to ImageFile class

1.9.6 - 6/22/2000
   Moved conversion filter name/id to Filter class
   Moved conversion backprojection name/id to Backproj class
   Added MPI broadcasting of strings

1.9.5 - 6/21/2000
   Merged proj_reconstr into class Projections
   Used auto_ptr in Projections::reconstruct to make sure destructor is always called
   Code cleanup in projections.cpp
   Moved conversion of phantom names/id to Phantom class

1.9.4 - 6/20/2000
   Converted projection files to C++ library with frnetorderstream
   Converted image files to C++ library with frnetorderstream
   Converted filter and convolution to object-oriented code
   Changed default image file to float from double -- Changable in imagefile.h
   Optimized image file writing on little-endian architectures
   Updated README and INSTALL

1.9.3 - 6/19/2000
   Reorganized source files
   MPI bug fixed to phm2pj.cpp

1.9.2 - 6/18/2000
   Reorganized include files
   Fixed const pointers in strfuncs

1.9.1 - 6/16/2000
   Renamed directories, moved source files, combined source files
   to change from 6 libraries to 3 libraries (libctsim, libctsupport,
   and libctgraphics)

1.9.0 - 6/15/2000
   Skip versions to make version 2.0 the first fully C++ version
   Renamed Raysums to Projections throughout files
   Renamed Detector to Scanner
   Converted Scanner and Projecions to full object-oriented

0.6.1 - 6/12/2000
   Converted Phantom and PhantomElements to Object-Oriented
   Converted Detector to Object-Oriented

0.6.0-b3 - 6/10/2000
   Improved Integer backprojection method
	Fixed nearest neighbor to be truly nearest neighbor
	Made linear interpolation more integer arithmetic -> speed improvement
   Finished converting all C files to C++
   Converted all use of malloc/free to C++ new/delete
   Began object-oriented conversion of Phantom and Projection structures

0.6.0-b2 - 6/8/2000
   Converted MPI data structures to C++ object
   Made ImageFile directly inherit from Array2dFile

0.6.0-b1 - 6/6/2000
   First C++ conversions
   Portable IF (image file) format implemented with objects (SDF removed)
	- Now all data files are cross-platform compatible
   Converted from MPI to MPI++
   Converted backprojection to object-oriented
   Removed MTX from libkmath as no longer need -- replaced with C++ matrices

0.5.4 - 6/4/2000
   Simpilifed endian handling

0.5.4-b3 - 6/1/2000
   Added support for 64-bit (IA64) CPU
   Removed broken B-spline interpolation
   Added support for cygwin platform under Windows 2000
   Added support for 16-bit PNG graphics

0.5.4-b2 - 5/16/2000
   Added compile-time configuration of endian order

0.5.4-b1 - 5/14/2000
   Modified the raysum file format to be platform independent

0.5.3 - 5/11/2000
   Added Microsoft VC compatibility
   Cleaned up compilation warnings in libgraph

0.5.2-b5 - 5/7/2000
   Continued conversion to ANSI C
   Removed old CRT routines

0.5.2-b4 - 5/4/2000
   Renamed pictures to phantoms, objects to phantom elements
   Continued code cleanup

0.5.2-b3 - 4/30/200
    More code cleanup with reorganizing libraries
    Added --log and --exp to sdf-1
    Allowed negative numbers for window levels in CGI interface

0.5.2-b2 - 4/30/200
    Continued code cleanup

0.5.2-b1 - 4/29/2000
    Fixed a few MPI bugs
    Better documented, coded raysum in-memory on on-disk options

0.5.1 - 4/28/2000
    Cleaned out library that wasn't being used by CTSim
    Modified ctsim.cgi to read in configuration file ctsim.conf

0.5.0 - 4/27/2000
    First open source distribution for GNU/Linux

  Converted to GNU/Linux
  added MPI support via LAM library

  Developed under MS-DOS and IBM EGA graphics