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Version 4.2 Released Mar 2003

* Direct Fourier Reconstructions now supported

Version 4.0 Released Jan 2003

* Port to wxWindows 2.4

* Port to Mac OS X

Version 3.5 Released May 2002

* New reconstruction technique: Interpolate divergent beams to
  parallel beams for faster reconstructions.

* Multithreading for running length processes in background. Also
  takes advantage of multiple-CPU's in SMP systems for speed improvements
  with parallel processing.

* Region of interest can be specified for reconstruction zooming.

* Import PNG, PPM, and PGM images

* DICOM file import/export

* Clipboard for cutting and pasting images

* Can read and reconstruct SIEMENS AR.STAR DICOM raw data files

* Scattergram of T-Theta sampling. Useful for understanding divergent beam

* Startup-tips to help new users learn features.

* Ability to place detector at any arbitray position

* Histogram plotting of projection files

Version 3.0 New Features

* Greatly improved dialog boxes

* Online and print manuals with context-sensitive help!

* 3-d rotating views of image files

* Creation of arbitrary filter images

* Cubic interpolation for reconstructions

* All features of command line tools are now in graphical ctsim program!

* Complex-valued image files now supported, lots of image math
 functions added including Fourier transformations

* Visual and statistical image comparision functions

* Plotting of row and column data of single and comparison images

* Histogram Plotting of Image files.

* Conversion of projections to polar images

* Improved animation graphics

* New Microsoft Windows compatible self-installer with explorer extensions 
to CTSim files

Version 2.5 of CTSim has been released!

New Features of CTSim version 2.5:

- Now compiles with Microsoft Visual C++.

- First Microsoft Windows graphical user interface

- Bug fixes and modest documentation and program improvements over version 2.0

New Features of CTSim version 2.0:

- Entire code-base cleaned up, re-written, and converted from C to C++.

- Graphical user interface now included! Animation of projection and
  reconstruction processes. Displays projection and image files. Uses
  platform-independent wxWindows library so can run on UNIX and 
  Microsoft Windows platforms.

- Integrated G2 library for graphical display from command line tools
  (UNIX only)

- Added frequency-based filtering. Can provide significant speed-up
  in reconstructions compared to convolution-based filtering.

- Added highly-optimized backprojection method (idiff3)

- New command-line tools added for image statistics and comparisons with
  both text and graphical outputs.