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CTSim simulates the process of collecting tomographic X-ray data of
phantom objects. These X-ray data through the objects are called
projections. CTSim reconstructs the original phantom image from the
projections using a variety of algorithms.

CTSim is open-source and is covered by the GNU Public License (GPL). 

Please enjoy CTSim. I'd like to hear any feedback

Kevin M. Rosenberg, M.D.


CTSim development began in 1983 while I was in medical school.  It was
written using Lattice C and MS-DOS. I used 8086 assembly language to
code convolution and backprojection routes and also to write graphics
directly to an IBM EGA video adapter.

In 1999, I ported CTsim to GNU/Linux. In April 2000, the source code 
for CTSim was published on the Internet.

In June 2000, entire code for revised and converted to C++.


The official home for CTsim is http://www.ctsim.org.


Several standard phantom objects are built-in. Other phantoms can be
loaded from ASCII files.

CTsim uses cross-platform compatible file formats for projection data and 
image data.


ctsim - a graphical user interface for most functions. This programs
has all of the functionality of the command line tools except for
image comparison functions.

phm2if - generates an image file of a phantom object

phm2pj - Simulates the collection of CT data, or projections, of a
phantom object

pjrec - Performs an CT reconstruction, also known as image
reconstruction from projections. Reads a projection file and writes a
SDF file.

pj2if - Converts projection data to a raw sinugram image

pjinfo - Show information on a projection file

ifexport - Converts an image file to a variety of 8-bit and 16-bit image

if1 - Performs operations on a single image file

if2 - Performs operations on two image files, such as comparisons

ifinfo - Show statistics and history labels of image files


Graphical User Interface

Use ctsim.

Command Line Interface

When evaluating CT simulation, in general, these steps are followed:

Create a phantom image and viewable image file
  phm2if ...
  ifexport ...

Simulate CT data collection and create a viewable image of raw projections
  phm2pj ...
  pj2if ...
  ifexport ...

Perform CT reconstruction and create viewable image file
  pjrec ...
  ifexport ...

Display image information and comparative statistics
  ifinfo ...

There is a sample shell script installed called 'sample-ctsim.sh' 
in the tools direction that performs the above commands.

These functions can be invoked via a web interface with a CGI program 
as described in the INSTALL file.

This program is written by Kevin M. Rosenberg, M.D.

It is covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL) which
allows copying and modifying this code with restrictions. See the
file COPYING for complete details.